April 21, 2021

Creating a Strong Password

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Most likely you use passwords every day, to access your phone, your computer, your favourite site, etc. According to a study, on average, a person has over 80 passwords and that leads to two common mistakes: 

  1. Creating easy to remember passwords 
  1. Using the same passwords for everything 

Hackers are experts at getting passwords, they use programs that can generate millions of guesses until the account is compromised. If you’re using a weak password, a hacker can often figure it out in less than 30 seconds.   

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  • What we at Mipsmedia highly recommend is using a password generator
  • You could also use a passphrase, this will help you remember it easily. Select a memorable phrase that corresponds with each character of your password. For example:

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Password: liwhwybmop 

  • Make it even stronger by adding, numbers, special characters, and uppercase letters: Liw&hWybM8op 


  • Don’s use your address, phone number, pet’s name, birthdate, favourite band, etc. The bottom line is don’t use personal information! 
  • Don’t use number sequences: 456 
  • Don’t repeat letters and numbers: hhh – 111 
  • Don’t use a row of your keyboard: uiop  

It’s recommended not to write your passwords down or save them in an easily accessible document.  That is considered high risk. To make your life easier, there are many passwords manager apps available to choose from that will help you keep all your confidential credentials secure.  Many of these apps include integration with your internet browsers too.  

At Mipsmedia we care about your cybersecurity. Our experts will assess the security of your network and develop strategies to keep it safe from internal and external threats. 

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